Loong Mu

A long story, yet to be told.

Sex: Female
Gender Identity: NB, female presenting.
Pronouns: She/her, They/them
Citizenship: Refugee (Former citizen of Doma, orphan)
Residence: Limsa Lominsa, The Topmast Apartments (Crystal - Mateus)
Relationship status: Married 10/1/2020
Personality type: ESFJ The "Consul"

A wandering refugee, Loong is quite a friendly and helpful person to run into. For the most part, she's quiet, an observer by nature. But when things start to go sideways, she is quick to pick up a staff and lend aide to those that need it most.

Primarily studied as a conjurer, her practices and methods have branched out into dabbling with red magic, and investigating astrological tomes, when she has the time anyway. Loong is a crafter and gatherer first and foremost, and is not afraid to share what wealth she obtains with others.

If you do run into her, feel free to introduce yourself, she's always looking to make new friends and meet new people.

Married her longtime love and best friend, Sun Rongyu as of the first of October, 2020.